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In the simplest form, a pitch is a plan you have for your startup that you present to your potential investors to secure funding.

First of all you need to “Sell yourself” before your investors. Before your investors buy into your idea they first need to buy into YOU. Make yourself look like an authority. Let them know you really know what you are about and your past experiences.

Next you have to “Sell idea”. Now that they have confidence in your person and your abilities it’s easier for them to trust your idea. First state the problem you want to solve through your startup and how you intend to solve them. Go straight to the point and don’t bore them with your long talks.

Now is when you show them your uniqueness, the experience you and your team have gained so far and the effort you have put in. Everyone has ideas and plans but what makes yours stand out?? What is your unique selling point? This is what finally breaks the Camel’s back and ensures your victory

Now last but not the least is your closing. your closing has to be just as great as your starting. This is where you wrap it up and seal the deal with your investors.

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