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Five ways to grow your company by Elon Musk

  1. WORK SUPER HARD ; After four years of hard work, Elon and Kimbal Musk sold their first company ZIP2 for $305million. work hard every working hour. if someone is working 50 hours and youre working 100 hours, youll get twice as much done.
  2. HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT; If you are entering anything where there is an existing market with large competitors then your product has to be much better than theirs. it cant just be slightly better but a lot better.
  3. HIRE GREAT PEOPLE; For your company to grow you have to gather great people, who are hardworking and focused and this will determine the growth of your company
  4. SIGNAL OVER NOISE; Focus on signal over noise. a lot of companies get confused an focus on things that dont matter. Focus on efforts that yield result
  5. TAKE RISKS NOW; now is the time to take risks, now when your obligations are less. do something bold now, you wont regret it
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