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Major criteria startup investors look out for

Investors aren’t just people with a truck load of money looking for where to throw it. They make critical analysis on both the startup and the owner before they invest their money.

Here are a few things they look out for…

1. An incredible business plan : A well laid out and structured business plan with SMART goals and plans on how the startup intends to achieve these goals has to be one of the things an investor is looking for. It’s not just about having an idea but can it be executed???

2. A forcible team : A good plan needs well equipped and knowledgeable people in order to be carried out. Investors want to know the abilities and capabilities of the team they’ll be investing their money in.

3. Competitive advantage : Just like the saying goes “there’s nothing new under the sun” so what makes your startup idea better than others? What makes you different from your competition?

4. A spectacular business model: This only applies if your startup is the type that needs a business model and if it is then your business model has to be one that sweeps the investors off their feet

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